“LIT…” by Di Dean


“Through Di’s implicit honesty, I was able to rediscover essential steps necessary to propel the success I now embrace. I was at a crossroads and Di blocked my internal negative voices which then opened the pathway to joy, confidence, and exhilarating new career results.”

– CEO (Forbes)

“People around me were suggesting I give up my dream of completing a script and selling it to a major studio. Luck intervened when Di was suggested to me, and through her honesty, experience, and solid reverence toward ‘the industry,’ she held me firmly in my vision until my screenplay was sold.”

– Writer (WGA)

“ . . . On one occasion, I was so stressed that Di drove to meet me in person. She held the script, became the other principle, and ran
my lines with me. Her calm, quiet, suggestions manifested a character I had not considered. The role I eventually played, was the direct result of Di’s vision. “

– Actor (Star)

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Individual 1 hour sessions. In your home or via Zoom.


MA in Psychology, MFA

When I finally became aware that I had no viable anchor in my life because I had been hidden and encompassed by insidious mysteries surrounding my birth – I didn’t want to feel broken any longer. Thus, I wrote a book and screenplay entitled HOLLYWOOD ‘LIT. . . ‘ believing there would be an absolute end to the pain I had experienced as a young child and teenager – although the pain ceaselessly chased me into adulthood.

I had been the secret that held my mother prisoner along with my young actor father who was denied a truth that he had a newborn baby daughter. These secrets haunted me until I made a decision to earn an MA in psychology, which helped ease the anxiety, stress, and embarrassment prevalent – daily.

I am one who has experienced pain, anxiety, trauma, and blatant abandonment. Through this wound, I experienced a new birth, which now serves to help individuals find new pathways that ignite joy and passion they once chased and inexplicably—lost.

Because I have directed, acted, written books and scripts, I understand the entire journey. I will help you through the ups and downs of the creative process because there will be challenges.

Through these challenges, I have had the profound pleasure of helping ground high-end CEO’s, actors, producers, and directors when they become stranded in essential arenas of their productivity.


MA Psychology, MFA

Author. Director. Producer. Writer.

Forever in my Heart Dorothy (CuCu) Mitchum

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