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John Austin - February 2006 Review
"The Eyes, Ears and Voice of Hollywood" (Since 1968)

DI DEAN HAS laid it all out in her true life non-fiction book (interlaced with some fiction in order to protect the names of certain people that are part of her amazing story). As a child -- she was always hidden. Whether or not you believe she is the true daughter of short lived screen idol, James Dean, is completely up to each and every reader. From what we know of Hollywood history, she undoubtedly is. Read more...

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The Red Star"Five Stars!"
Reviewer: Faye H. - January 3, 2006
"Couldn't put it down until finished!"

Magical story telling - Di's words captured my interest from the beginning. I feel privileged to have had a peek into her life journey...and a glimpse of Hollywood of days past. I look forward to her next book.

The Red Star"Five Stars!"
Reviewer: Lindy - December 8, 2005

I was touched by this story. I started to read this fancinating life drama and I literally could not stop until I had finished. I was blown away by this secret concerning James Dean and "Cat" which was revealed by Di Dean. What a heart wrenching experience. I hope to learn more about Di Dean.

The Red Star"Five Stars!"
Reviewer: Warren Beath - November 19, 2005
"Another unique book by Di"

Elman writes well and this is a startling evolution from her first book on Dean-- which was unique, unsettling and very poignant. She writes from outside the mainstream of Jimmy culture and this makes her personality and style very like Dean's ... maverick and lyrical, whimsical in a minor key and with a dark humor. A book to haunt you and reward you.

The Red Star"Five Stars!"
Reviewer: SoCal Books - November 9, 2005
Hollywood Lit

Gripping,fresh and original first novel by Di Dean. Hollywood Lit reads like a fast paced movie script. I could not get enough of the sister scenes. This startling journal of a twisted Hollywood affair and childhood will leave you with wanting more. A must read!